1984, Fall, Eclipse Shanti Project Newsletter

This 1984  Fall  Newsletter features the following articles:
  • Executive Director Expands Project's Vision
  • Practical Suppport Program
  • Learning To Live
  • A Letter To The Mayor. . .And Her Response. . .

Download the PDF here.

1984, Summer, Eclipse Shanti Project Newsletter

This 1984 Summer Newsletter features the following articles:
  • Residence Program Enters Second Year
  • 1983 Finance Report
  • Counseling Program at S.F.G.H.
  • A Shanti "Family" Experience
  • Letter to Shanti
Download the PDF here.

Shanti Staff of SFGH Ward 5A

A photos of Linda Maxey, Director of Shanti Unit in Ward 5A, and Ed Brophy, 5A's first Shanti Counselor. Photo courtesy of the San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library.